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Why do Butterflies Drink the Tears of Turtles?

Why do Butterflies Drink the Tears of Turtles?

Butterflies are drawn to turtle tears because the liquid drops contain salt, especially sodium, an essential element that is scarce in the western Amazon.

Because butterflies are so delicate, they don’t appear to damage the turtles in any way, however, they do make it harder for the turtles to see. This is an example of commensalism, which occurs when two species interact and one benefits while the other is unharmed but receives no benefit.

Why do Butterflies Drink the Tears of Turtles?
Butterflies drink turtle tears in the Amazon

According to a recent study, crocodile tears also might be used to fulfill the needs of butterflies and bees. Similar to butterflies drinking turtle tears, these insects are believed to rely on crocodile tears for salt.

Butterflies drink crocodile tears
Butterflies drink crocodile tears
Image: Caters News agency

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Watch! Butterflies drink crocodile tears

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