Why Blood appears Green Underwater?

Why Blood appears Green Underwater & How Colors Change with the Depth Underwater

Have you ever noticed that your blood seems to be green in deep waters? That is, nevertheless, surprising.

Scuba diving and Green blood
Why Blood appears Green Underwater?
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How Colors Change with the Depth Underwater?

Because light travels faster in the air than in water, it is refracted at the water’s surface before being scattered or absorbed by solid particles. The majority of light is absorbed within 10 meters, and nothing reaches deeper than 150 meters.

Why Blood appears Green underwater depths & oceans?

Colors in the visible spectrum of light such as red, yellow, and orange have longer wavelengths and may reach depths of 15, 30, and 50 meters, respectively. Violet, blue, and green light have shorter wavelengths and may travel further underwater.

The less red light there is in the sunlight, the deeper you reach into the water. So only green light reflects off the blood in deep water when there is no red color.

Blue is the color that reaches the deepest, which is why ocean water and other tropical waters seem blue in the majority of situations.

How Colors Change with the Depth Underwater

Colour Theory - How Colours Change In The Water
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