Eco-Friendly Renovation Ideas for Sustainable Living

Eco-Friendly Renovation Ideas for Sustainable Living

Every building reaches a point where it needs renovation or repairs. Some undertake this for selling purposes, others to enhance aesthetics or give it a fresh vibe, while some do it to celebrate culture or seasons, among other reasons. Regardless of the motive, one should seek eco-friendly renovation methods. This not only supports the green environment movement but also helps preserve our planet from various kinds of preventable pollution.

How can we make renovations sustainable?

#1 Recycled Materials

Consider installing a recycled worksurface when replacing your kitchen. Companies like GlassEco and Designfinger offer custom surfaces and splashbacks that repurpose waste materials like glass and concrete into modern, functional worktops.

Additionally, the Eco-Friendly Tile Company produces carbon-neutral porcelain tiles made from recycled television screens and car windshields. Eco-Friendly Flooring, a US-based company, offers a trendy range of recycled aluminum and cement tiles for walls and floors.

#2 VOC-free Paint

Harmful molecules are produced by volatile organic compounds (VOCs), causing long-term health effects for individuals. VOC paints release chemical ingredients into the atmosphere as they dry.

To create a safer environment for both the home and its occupants, consider switching to VOC-free paint or paint with low VOC levels. This option is highly recommended, especially when painting a child’s room or nursery, as it allows for easier breathing.

#3 Add More Greens

When there is a lot of greenery indoors and outdoors, it creates comfort for a person and a sustainable environment for him to exist in the world. There is an interesting app for plants that will help you choose a plant to suit your needs. We are talking about a plant identifier app, which can identify any plant from a photograph. Also, the plant photo identifier contains valuable information about care features, as well as other characteristics of the plant. Just one app for iPhone is enough to find a suitable plant and care for it properly. In other words, the plant app contains everything you need to garden your home.

#4 Solar Panels

“Go green” home improvements, such as solar panels, offer enhanced efficiency, affordability, and environmental friendliness. Homeowners can currently take advantage of the Investment Tax Credit, which provides a 26% tax credit for systems installed between 2020 and 2022, and 22% for systems installed in 2023. Solar panels are a worthwhile investment in many parts of the U.S., as they deliver a good return on investment and provide environmental benefits.

Solar panels have several applications, including heating pools and water, powering fans and cooking appliances, generating electricity for lighting, and charging batteries. By installing solar panels, homeowners can immediately reduce their electricity consumption.

While the Green New Deal remains a topic of debate, there is no denying that the U.S. is steadily transitioning towards clean energy. At present, solar power offers the most cost-effective and consumer-friendly option for clean energy.

#5 Donate Unwanted Items

Renovating your home plays a significant role in creating a sense of spaciousness, even if it may not seem so at first. By decluttering your living space and giving away unwanted or unused items to goodwill, you can not only help others but also avoid the feeling of a cramped house that might tempt you to buy or build a bigger one. This way, you can prioritize renovating your current home rather than relying on new materials for another house construction.

#6 Low-Flow Bathroom appliances

Eco-Friendly Renovation Ideas for Sustainable Living

Toilet consumption exceeds that of any other household appliance, accounting for up to 30% of total water usage within the home. Some toilets consume more than 13 liters of water per flush. If your bathroom needs an upgrade, consider replacing your current toilet with a low-flow model.

Even if you already have a low-flow model, further reduce water consumption by installing a dual-flush toilet – one button for liquid waste and the other for solid waste – with prices starting as low as £15. Additionally, using a low-flow shower head will contribute to minimizing the amount of water that goes down the drain each morning.

#7 Natural Lighting

If your room lacks natural light and depends solely on artificial lighting, think about installing a sun tunnel. These discreet ceiling portholes channel light from the roof, distributing diffuse daylight throughout the space. Carefully positioning mirrors and reflective surfaces will also help bounce light around a cramped room.


Share with us, what are 5 things you do at home to be eco-friendly? I think you can expand your practice with these tips. This way you can achieve the concept of a sustainable lifestyle at home and feel that same pleasant feeling of knowing that you are caring for the Planet.

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