5 Data Center Switch Trends in 2023

5 Data Center Switch Trends in 2023

Nothing evolves as much as technology. In this landscape, modern businesses rely on data centers to stay competitive. It is a device that houses the infrastructure that fuels the digital world.

These sophisticated devices—data center switches—are at the heart of these networks. Its task is to coordinate the flow of information. Think of it as a traffic controller in a fast-paced city.

It’s, therefore, essential to recognize and understand the data center switch trends in 2023 due to its evolving nature in this post.

Taking advantage of these five trends will enable businesses and organizations to navigate the complex terrain of data center technology and realize its transformative potential.

5 Data Center Switch Trends in 2023

5 Data Center Switch Trends in 2023

Here are the top five data center switch trends in 2023:

On-Site Adoption of Cloud Principles

Many people think of giant houses filled with machines whenever they think of data centers. Well, here is something that will surprise you: these houses are getting smaller (but in a good way).

Instead of having vast spaces for their machines, they’re moving some to unique places called colocation facilities. It’s like sharing a big house with other folks. This way, they can save space and make things work even better.

Based on a Gartner study, by 2027, about 35% of the stuff that makes data centers run will originate from a unique cloud-based control center. The change is significant, considering it was just a tiny part of 2022.

This year, experts are focusing on improving their centers. They’re using the cloud’s innovative solutions using the best data center switches to build exceptional computer homes for their machines.

5 Data Center Switch Trends in 2023

Data Security and Privacy

Now imagine if everyone in the world put their computer data together. It would be a giant mountain of data! This mountain is growing fast.

By 2025, it could be 180 zettabytes. This massive amount of data can sometimes have problems, like bad people trying to take it or things going wrong.

Data centers are making unique plans to ensure everything is safe. These plans may include things like:

  • Knowing what to do: They determine what could go wrong and how to fix it quickly.
  • Calling the right people: They have a list of experts to call if something happens.

Uptime Institute found that in 2021, around 40% of problems in data centers cost companies between $100,000 and $1 million! That’s a lot of money! So, data centers must be ready.

They can use special software (disaster recovery planning) to watch everything and ensure nothing wrong happens. This way, they can stop problems before they become significant issues.

Expansion into Non-Traditional Hubs

Just as you need more room to play, data centers need more room, too. But sometimes, finding big spaces in popular spots can take time and effort. So, managers are looking for different areas to make their centers bigger and better.

For instance, some are starting to explore Africa. For example:

  • Teraco Data Environments is a big data center company in South Africa. They’re making their centers more prominent by adding more room and power.
  • In Kenya, Africa Data Centers is building new data centers with lots of energy and room.

These spots are appealing for several reasons. For example, they may have lower costs, special tax breaks, renewable energy sources, or be close to specific industries or regions. One report states that by 2027, the market for data centers in Africa could be worth $5464 million.

5 Data Center Switch Trends in 2023

Cloud-Grade Switching Adoption

Data center switches are like traffic cops for networks of machines. They make sure all the devices communicate with each other effectively. But these switches also have another excellent job: they help connect machines to the cloud.

For this to happen, the switches must be intelligent. They should have cloud-like “powers,” such as:

  • doing things independently,
  • keeping things safe and
  • being scalable when more machines join.

Imagine you have a magic fairy that can do your chores without you telling them. That’s like automation with these switches.

They can do tasks like setting up, checking, and fixing the machine connections without people getting involved. Thus, it saves time and makes everything work smoothly.

5 Data Center Switch Trends in 2023

Increasing Rack Density

Have you ever compactly packed numerous toys into a limited space? Similar to homes, data centers house multiple robust devices. They function similarly to modern, space-conscious computer complexes that optimize energy usage.

Efforts are underway to install more robust equipment in the same spatial framework to improve its performance. Boosting rack density yields optimal results, like stuffing additional items into a confined space.

By leveraging compact yet robust computing components, they accomplish this feat.

According to recent findings, this space has witnessed a 20% boost in power levels during 2022 alone, with continued growth on the horizon.

Why do they do this? Here are two reasons:

  • Save space: Through clever spatial optimization, they cram more capability into a smaller footprint, thereby minimizing expenses. Seagate claims to save 75% of rack space per storage unit.
  • Energy efficiency: As technology advances, these devices become increasingly intelligent while requiring minimal electricity. DellEMC claims its PowerEdge serves 40% more per watt than previous generations.

The above points show that recognizing these trends can enhance enterprise growth, whereas ignoring them can result in setbacks. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the role and meaning of data centers in 2023.

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