How to use convection oven as air fryer: 5 Key facts

How to use convection oven as air fryer: 5 Key facts

What is a convection oven when compared with a regular conventional oven

The main difference between a regular oven and a convection oven is that the way how the heat is circulated within the oven. Convection ovens circulate the heat evenly throughout the oven body using a fan. Which produces a consistent and efficient heat when compared with the regular bake ovens.

How to use convection oven as air fryer: 5 Key facts
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What is an Air fryer oven?

Air fryers can be simply defined as mini-convection ovens that use a fan to circulate the hot air very rapidly withing the air fryer. The air fryer is smaller and portable when compared with regular ovens and as the food is closer to the fan, a high amount of heat can transfer to the food which mainly reduces the cooking time which compares to a convection oven.

How to use convection oven as air fryer: 5 Key facts
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What is the operation of an air fryer? What exactly is an air fryer?

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Difference between Air fryer and Convection Oven

By comparing and sharp comparisons, There’s a little difference between an Air fryer and Convection Oven. The physical size of an Air fryer is smaller and compact than a convection oven and the main advantage is that the air fryers are portable and easy to handle.

The price range of a convection oven is higher when compared to an Air Fryer as its larger in size and the capacity.

Convection ovens can cook large batch of food at once but the air fryer only capable of cooking a small amount at one time.

In a convection oven hot air circulates around and throughout the foods because the foods are packed in layers and fans located behind, but in an Air fryer hot air only circulated on the top of the food. But still its giving a high crispy outcomes with Air frying.

Air fryer only uses a few drops of oil to cook food while convection oven also consumes so little amount of oil. Both the ovens using hot air cooking technology which proves that you can use convection oven as air fryer too.

Safety in both Air fryer and convection oven are higher when compared with ordinary deep frying of food immersing in oil. so both the ovens are highly consumer friendly.

Compare with the frying foods immersing in oil, Air frying or Air fry in a convection oven is definitely more healthy. It uses only a few tablespoons of oil to seasoning which is about 80% reducing the fat content in fried foods.

Comparison FactorAir fryerConvection oven
Physical sizeSmall, Portable and CompactLarger in size
Price rangePrice is lessPrice is higher
Capacity of food that can cookSmall pack of food at one timeLarge batch of food at a time
Hot Air CirculationOn the top of foodAround the food item
Time consumptionLess time consumption due to less amount of foodlittle bit more time consumes than air fryer
Type of food that can cookonly crispy fried food itemsAny type of frying or high roasting of meat.
Oil consumptionFew drops of oil needvery less amount of oil need
SafetySafety is highSafety is high
Health factors of foodFood is super healthy with so much less oil consumptionFood is super healthy with less oil consumption
Difference between Air fryer and Convection Oven

Though there is a little difference between Air fryer and Convection Oven, Air fryer is a convection oven, Which is small in size, compact and portable. Air fryer cooks foods through convection baking. There’s no ordinary frying by immersing food in oil, both Air fryers and convection ovens cook food by heated air. So in many houses, they are using convection oven as air fryer.

How to use convection oven as air fryer?

Before getting to know about how to use convection oven as air fryer, It’s necessary to have convection settings in your oven to get a baked result similar to an air fryer. Simply your oven must have a fan inside.

Air fryer and ovens with convection settings use the same technology to transfer heat into the foods, it’s mainly circulating the heated air by a fan.

So you can adjust and turn your convection oven into an air fryer in the absence of an air fryer in your home or you have to Air fry a large amount of food at once. Because the Air fryer only can cook a small portion of food at a time.

Much modern convection ovens come with the Air frying settings and you can directly apply these settings to use convection oven as air fryer that gives the exact outcome. The cooking time can be saved because the oven doesn’t have to preheat in air frying settings.

If your convection oven doesn’t have the air frying settings, you can still get a fair result by applying the convection roast settings in your oven. Make sure to use a dark nonstick pan which absorbs more heat than light surface pans. It will give the glossy brown color and transfer more heat to your baking food giving crispy results as same as an air fryer.

As a conclusion, we can use convection oven as air fryer in any case where the oven comes with convection settings. The outcome of the air fryer same as convection oven which uses the same technology by circulating the heated air by a fan.

Why Air frying is healthy?

Compare with the deep frying with immersing foods in oil, Air frying or use convection oven as air fryer is definitely a healthy solution. It uses only one or two tablespoons of oil to seasoning which is about 80% reducing the fat content.

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The side effects of excess usage of Air fryer

The main downside of the Air frying is that people tend to eat more amount of foods with air frying regarding its low-fat content. Which may lead them to other health issues. And also a few research types explaining that the foods cooked at high temperatures in rapid rate may carcinogenic.

Convection oven vs Toaster oven. Which is better?

Toaster ovens are mini ovens that use fast heating elements places top and bottom of the oven which lead to faster results by transferring heat to the foods. While convection ovens heat the air first and then transfer the heat using a fan evenly throughout the oven resulting evenly baked food.

How is an air fryer different from a toaster oven?

Air fryers are smaller and compact than the toaster ovens. The functionality of an air fryer is similar as of a convection oven, which heats the food by circulating hot air by the fan. But the toaster ovens heat the food by using heating elements place top and the bottom of the oven. Modern toaster ovens come with convection settings which can act as an air fryer.

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