Mars 2020: NASA successfully launched perseverance rover into space ( 30 July 2020 )

Mars 2020: NASA successfully launched perseverance rover into space ( 30 July 2020 )

Mars 2020: NASA successfully launched perseverance rover into space

Mars 2020

Mars 2020, the latest mission for mars exploration successfully launched on July 30, 2020, by NASA. Mars 2020 mission carrying perseverance rover that will mainly explore the signs of ancient life on Mars and a possible return to earth carrying rocks and soil samples from Mars.

The rocket which carried Curiosity rover to Mars ” Atlas V-541 ” is using for this mission too. Atlas V-541 Carrying perseverance rover and ingenuity helicopter launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida planned to land Jezero Crater of mars on Feb 18, 2021.

NASA's Perseverance Rover Launches to Mars (overview)


Observations found that Jezero consists of clays and carbonates which Are evidence for organic molecules that may be fossilated microbial living creatures on ancient Mars.

Mars 2020 mission duration is at least 687 days ( One Mars year )   

Mars launches are done when the Earth and Mars are on the same side of the sun with the shortest possible distance to travel. So once in every 26 months, a chance for a mars launch coming and in this period, 3 missions launched on mars from the earth including

  • Tianwen-1 mission from China Which is carrying a rover to mars
  • Hope probe launched by the United Arab Emirates
  • Perseverance launched by NASA

The specialty of the perseverance rover

  • Perseverance is the fifth rover launched by NASA and with previous experiences, it was designed to perform the new tasks in a more efficient way.
  • More focus on the biological studying of the land seeking the microbial living in ancient life on Mars.
  • Navigation instrument with automatically determine the safest places to land on Mars with minimising the hazards and obstacles.
  • Perseverance will carry the rock samples and soil particles to bring them back to earth in future Mars missions.
  • Mars 2020 mission consists of Ingenuity helicopter, which will scout and observe the special target locations on Mars and it will give a clear idea about the safest and the best route for the rover to travel.
  • 23 cameras with new zooming and video features as well as 2 microphones to hear the sounds on Mars.
  • Exploring and experiments to succeed in future human missions on Mars.



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