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Man Spent $16,000 to ‘Become a Dog’, Barks Out in the First Interview


In an unconventional quest to fulfill a lifelong fantasy, Japanese resident Toco has garnered attention for his intriguing transformation into a ‘giant dog.’ Yes, you read that correctly – a dog!

Barking Mad: Man Spends $16,000 to Transform into a Dog!

Toco recently unveiled his remarkable journey during a candid interview, shedding light on the motivations behind his peculiar endeavor.

The metamorphosis began when Toco invested a substantial sum of two million Yen, approximately $16,000, into acquiring a meticulously crafted human-sized collie costume.

Man Spent $16,000 to ‘Become a Dog’, Barks Out in the First Interview
Image: 動物になりたい(I want to be an animal)/Youtube)

Driven by an enduring desire to “become an animal,” Toco now dons this canine attire several times each month, allowing him to relive his cherished childhood dream.

To document his unique odyssey, Toco maintains an active presence on his own YouTube channel. On this platform, he shares a variety of videos showcasing his canine immersion, including lessons on eating, playing, and training – all from a dog’s perspective.

When questioned about the reactions of his peers, Toco confided to The Mirror, “I rarely tell my friends because I am afraid they will think I am weird. My friends and family seemed very surprised to learn I became an animal.”

Man Spent $16,000 to ‘Become a Dog’, Barks Out in the First Interview
Image: 動物になりたい(I want to be an animal)/Youtube)

Nonetheless, Toco’s primary satisfaction arises from engaging in activities exclusive to canines, as it allows him to experience life as a genuine pet.

However, Toco does acknowledge certain challenges. Tasks that necessitate the use of his hands prove particularly cumbersome, as his custom-made paws tend to impede dexterity.

Reflecting on his long-standing fascination with animal transformation, Toco muses, “Since childhood, I have had this unspecific fantasy of becoming an animal. I wonder whether it was a desire for transformation.”

Toco’s social media presence features clips of him delightfully rolling over for simulated belly rubs, mimicking a seated position, and lifting his fabricated paws.

Man Spent $16,000 to ‘Become a Dog’, Barks Out in the First Interview
Image: 動物になりたい(I want to be an animal)/Youtube)

He has even mastered the art of consuming imitation dog food, navigating public spaces via an elevator, and lounging comfortably in a hammock.

Toco’s choice of a collie costume aligns with his personal preference for this particular breed. He procured the astonishingly lifelike attire from Zeppet, a renowned Japanese agency acclaimed for its work in crafting sculptures and models for the film industry.


Crafting the costume posed a considerable challenge, with Zeppet dedicating a staggering 40 days to its creation. Toco’s unwavering commitment to perfection drove him to suggest numerous enhancements, ensuring the final product was nothing short of flawless.

An employee of Zeppet detailed the meticulous process, stating, “We created the skeleton structure of a dog and spent extensive time studying its anatomy.”

“Additionally, we collected photographs taken from various angles to faithfully reproduce the beautiful coat of the collie, devising methods to ensure its natural flow.”

Man Spent $16,000 to ‘Become a Dog’, Barks Out in the First Interview
Image: 動物になりたい(I want to be an animal)/Youtube)

Toco’s canine alter ego has attracted an international following, with fans from around the world flocking to his YouTube channel.

His journey has become a source of inspiration for like-minded individuals who share similar aspirations.

One subscriber expressed, “You inspire us to fulfill our dreams too,” while another chimed in with, “I hope I become the animal I want to be as well. You’re an inspiration to us.”

Toco’s admirers are quick to reassure him that his uniqueness should not be concealed from his closest family and friends, offering words of encouragement such as, “Don’t be nervous of people seeing you! You’re just a guy with a quirky hobby. There’s nothing wrong with that!”

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FAQs! 🤯

How did Toco afford such an expensive costume?

Toco invested $16,000 in his human-sized collie costume, which was equivalent to two million Yen. It was a significant financial commitment for him.

Why did Toco choose to become a dog, and specifically a collie?

Toco had a childhood fantasy of becoming an animal, and collies were his favorite breed of dog. He chose a collie because of his personal connection to the breed.

What challenges does Toco face in his daily life as a dog?

Toco finds activities that involve his hands to be the most challenging, as his paws often get in the way. Adjusting to life as a dog has its unique set of obstacles.

How long did it take to create Toco’s lifelike collie costume?

It took Zeppet, the Japanese agency responsible for creating the costume, an impressive 40 days to make it. Toco’s dedication to perfection led to multiple improvements.

What kind of support has Toco received from his online community?

Toco’s online fans have been incredibly supportive and view him as an inspiration. They encourage him to embrace his unique hobby and reassure him that he’s not weird for pursuing his dream.

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