Woman Makes More Than $600 a Month Renting Out One Side of Her Bed to Lonely Strangers

Woman Makes More Than $600 a Month Renting Out One Side of Her Bed to Lonely Strangers

In the ever-turbulent tides of the cost of living crisis, let me introduce you to a true trailblazer down under in sunny Queensland, Australia.

Meet Monique Jeremiah, a 36-year-old entrepreneurial spirit who stumbled upon a financial goldmine during the pandemic, when her income well ran dry.

She ingeniously decided to offer half of her cozy bed to budget-conscious souls, and she christened this brilliant practice ‘hot bedding.’

Woman Makes More Than $600 a Month Renting Out One Side of Her Bed to Lonely Strangers
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The twist? Monique’s raking in a cool $631 every month with this venture! It’s like she’s discovered the El Dorado of mattresses – where you rest, but your bank account doesn’t.

And here’s the juicy part – this extra income gave her the financial leverage she needed to breathe life into her dream business, Diversity Models.

The modus operandi? Providing models of all shapes, sizes, and ages to businesses. In essence, Monique transformed her own bed into a springboard to success!

Monique envisions this hot bedding trend as the future for property owners – a pathway to pinching pennies, leading a simpler life, and, most importantly, avoiding the solitude blues.

But hold onto your pillows; there’s more to this story. Hot bedding isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes two individuals who can share a bed without emotional baggage, with the utmost respect and zero strings attached.

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Imagine booking a hotel room with two beds, but instead, you snuggle up on one.

Monique’s Eureka moment for hot bedding arrived when the COVID-19 storm blew her life off course. Her thriving business evaporated, and her teaching career became a mundane routine with virtual classes.

In a surprising twist, she reached out to her ex-boyfriend, whom she hadn’t spoken to in a year, and popped the question, “Do you want to brave COVID together?” His unexpected “yes” turned into a successful arrangement.

Monique is even contemplating raising her hot bedding rate to $160 a week due to the rising cost of living in Australia.

Woman Makes More Than $600 a Month Renting Out One Side of Her Bed to Lonely Strangers
@monique_jeremiah_model / CATERS NEWS

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – some folks might raise an eyebrow at this concept. But for Monique, it’s nothing short of a perfect arrangement.

She explains, “Being an entrepreneur is already a solitary journey as you build your empire. So, why spend your nights alone when you can share them with a kindred spirit, someone who shares your work ethic, and all while your bank balance grows?”

And she’s not alone in this brave endeavor. A 2021 survey in Australia revealed that three percent of international students turned to hot bedding to cut down on rent costs, with 40 percent even having to skip meals due to financial pressures.

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Woman Makes More Than $600 a Month Renting Out One Side of Her Bed to Lonely Strangers
@monique_jeremiah_model / CATERS NEWS

The struggle is universal, my friends. In the United States, nearly three-quarters of Americans have fretted about surging energy costs, and the cost of renting in major cities feels like a never-ending upward climb.

To paint the picture with broader strokes, rent prices in the U.S. have skyrocketed by a jaw-dropping 134.9 percent since 1999, while incomes have trailed behind at 76.8 percent.

According to Moody’s Analytics, in 2022, the average American household needed more than 30 percent of their income to secure an average-priced apartment.

This ‘hot bedding’ trend isn’t just a quirky quirk; it’s gaining traction among budget-conscious renters.

TikTok has played host to debates about its merits, with some deeming it “sad,” while others are already giving it a shot.


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One innovative thinker even suggested bunk beds – a sleeping arrangement that’s got the dual benefits of space-saving and roommate bonding!

So, in this story of innovation born from adversity, Monique Jeremiah stands as a modern-day mattress maestro, crafting a world where sweet dreams and savvy savings coexist. May your nights be restful and your savings account ever-growing!

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