Where Are the Best Places to Stay in Toronto?

Toronto is Canada’s largest city, and it has several vibrant areas that are perfect for tourists, businesspeople, and expats. 

Toronto is Canada’s largest city, and it has several vibrant areas that are perfect for tourists, businesspeople, and expats. 

Whatever your reason for staying in Toronto, whether it’s for business or to study at a Canadian university, it’s worth researching the various boroughs within the area to see which one suits you the best. Each area offers a unique culture and range of amenities, so you might find that one particular borough captures your attention more than the others.

Here are some of the best places to stay in the Toronto area. DelSuites offers a selection of furnished apartments in each of these areas so you can rest assured knowing that you will have comfortable and convenient accommodation during your stay in Canada’s most popular city.

Downtown Toronto

Arguably the most popular and well-known areas of Toronto, Downtown Toronto is a hustling and bustling borough that is known for its cultural diversity and incredible sights.

Staying in Downtown Toronto means you can access top-rated accommodation with a Birds Eye view of the city. You’ll have everything you need on your doorstep, from restaurants and bars to theatres and museums, so you will never have a bored moment during your stay.

Downtown Toronto is within walking distance of world-famous attractions, including the CN Tower, Royal Ontario Museum, and Scotiabank Arena. You can spend your days exploring these attractions before wining and dining in one of the many restaurants that sit by the side of Lake Ontario.


Etobicoke is known as the administrative hub of Toronto because it’s where a large volume of businesses operates. If you’re travelling on a business trip to Toronto, this is one of your best options when choosing accommodation.

Despite being very business focused, Etobicoke is still a great area to stay if you’re visiting Toronto for leisure. There are plenty of hotels and short-term rentals that you can choose from, many of which are in close proximity to shopping centres, restaurants, and entertainment facilities.

Etobicoke is on the waterfront so offers breathtaking views of Lake Ontario and beyond. There are also many large outdoor spaces that provide a peaceful space for you to window down, relax, and take a gentle stroll in the sun. 

North York

North York is a diverse and vibrant area of Toronto that is known for its urban atmosphere and friendly locals. There is no shortage of restaurants and entertainment venues. As a visitor in the area, you have a choice of a wide variety of accommodation types, including high-rise condos or cosy studio apartments.

If you’re a shopping fan, you can spend the day in Yorkdale Shopping Centre, one of the largest malls in Canada. alternatively, if it’s a sunny day, you can spend your afternoon outdoors in the many large parks and nature trails in North York. Edwards Gardens and Sunnybrook Park are two stunning parks to consider for your afternoon strolls.