What does Elon Musk Own & How He Became the Richest Person in the World (2021)

What does Elon Musk Own & How He Became the Richest Person in the World

Who is Elon Musk?

Before knowing about what does Elon Musk own, It’s always better to know who is Elon Musk. Elon Reeve Musk can also be known as the Man who invented the new world. That much he is contributing towards the next level of the planet earth. His thinking pattern, his ideas, his vision and courage made him one of the greatest entrepreneurs ever had on this planet.

#1 America’s most innovative Leader

#1 Richest person in the world

(January 2021)

Elon Musk on Twitter : @elonmusk

Elon musk biography

Where Elon musk from? Elon musk born in Pretoria, South Africa on June 28, 1971.

Elon musk education? University of Pretoria / Queens University / the University of Pennsylvania.

Elon musk spouse? Talulah Riley (2010-2012 & 2013-2016) / Justine Musk (2000-2008)

How many children Elon musk have? Elon Musk is having 7 children.

How Elon musk earn money and What does Elon Musk Own?

Elon Musk is one of the largest entrepreneurs in the world with having multiple billion-dollar companies like SpaceX and Tesla. And also he is an Industrial engineer.

Elon Musk Net worth?

US $ 185 Billion (January 2021)

Elon musk companies

# Zip2

Everyone having that question on their minds, How did Elon Musk start?

  • This is the beginning where Elon Musk started a web software company with his brother Kimbal with the help of investors in 1995. This is the foundation for what does Elon Musk own now.
  • Later “Compaq” acquired “zip 2” for the US $ 307 million in 1999.

# X.com and PayPal

  • In 1999 Elon co-founded X.com – online financial service company.
  • Renamed it as Paypal- money transfer service in 2001.
  • PayPal was acquired by eBay for the US $ 1.5 billion in 2002

# SpaceX

The company that is going to change the world. The company that is going to implement the living habitats on Mars. One of the biggest companies of Elon Musk.

The net worth of SpaceX?

the estimated valuation of US $ 33.3 Billion
( by May 31, 2019, according to Space News )

SpaceX is an aerospace company founded in 2002 by Elon Musk with the major goal of the Mars colonization project and to reduce the cost of human spaceflight operations.

  • CEO – Elon Musk
  • Founder – Elon Musk
  • Founded – May 6, 2002

SpaceX ‘s Falcon 1 and Falcon 9 and then the Dragon – multipurpose spacecraft played a major role in this journey.

  • Largest private producer of rocket engines
  • Experimenting on reusable rockets
  • Developed Starlink that provide satellite internet access in 2015

SpaceX latest project crew dragon demo-2 launched successfully on May 31, 2020, becoming the first private company to send humans to the International space station.

# Tesla 

American electric vehicle and clean energy company which working towards electric vehicle manufacturing and battery energy storage from solar technology.

The net worth of Tesla?

About US $100 BILLION
  • Founded – July 1, 2003
  • CEO – Elon Musk

Tesla Mainly targeting towards

  • Automobile efficient battery systems
  • Electric motors
  • Autopilot mode when driving
  • Vehicle glass roof with solar technology

Click here to find more about Tesla

# SolarCity

Specialised in solar energy services and solar technology. The SolarCity is acquired by Tesla in 2016  and now Solar city is a sub-company of Tesla.

  • Founded – July 4, 2006
  • Founders – Lyndon Rive / Peter River

Solar module components and Turnkey residential battery backup services are implementing by Solarcity collaborate with Tesla.

# Hyperloop

Hyperloop is a concept of a sealed system of tubes with low air pressure which something can travel without friction and air resistance. Probably which is much faster than rail or air transport.

# OpenAI

Artificial intelligence research company Founded in 2015 by Elon Musk. The main goal is the development of safe artificial intelligence to benefit humanity.

# Neuralink

Company to improve the human brain with artificial intelligence. concept of creating ways to link the brain and technology to implement mind-computer interfaces.

# The Boring company

A tunnel boring concept with a machine implemented in 2016. A test digging of a 50-foot long tunnel made in the premises of space X.


Who is Elon Musk?

#1 RICHEST PERSON IN THE WORLD (by January 2021)

What does Elon Musk Own?

Elon Musk is one of the largest entrepreneurs in the world with having multiple billion-dollar companies mainly SpaceX and Tesla with an estimated net worth of US $ 185 Billion (by January 2021).

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