Microlino: 5 Main Reasons to Buy an Electric Bubble Car in 2021

Microlino: 5 Main Reasons to Buy an Electric Bubble Car in 2021

Microlino: Is it a car?

Actually, it’s not a car, It’s in the class of Heavy quadricycles.

Which is a surprising fact of Microlino

The journey behind Microlino

The journey behind Microlino and this revolution in Electric Bubble Car industry started with a conversation between Oliver and Merlin Outober “How much a car do you really need for daily driving? “

And they also had the question that “how the ideal vehicle for daily driving would look if the vehicles with only just 1,2 people per car driving a daily distance of 30 km per day”

Inspired by the 1950’s bubble cars they started to design the base model for this Electric Bubble Car.

Partnered with Tazzari in April 2016, they developed the prototype to a series ready vehicle and the first pre-series of Microlino unveiled in January 2018.

With this great model, For now, there are more than 16,000 reservations. Making a new trend in the Electric Bubble Car industry.


Key features

Simple structure

  • 2.44 m long 1.5 m wide and  513 kg of weight.
  • Space for two people with a front raising door.
  • Easy parking like a motorbike

Blessed by the nature

  • Fully eco friendly
  • 100 % electric with zero emissions
  • 65% lower energy consumption

Battery efficiency

  • Can be fully charged on a household in 4 hours and can be charged in 1 hour in a charging station for electric vehicles.
  • Up to 14.4 kWh battery with 200 km ride capacity with max speed 90 km/h.

How much does a Microlino cost?


5 Main Reasons to Buy an Electric Bubble Car and Why Microlino?

  1. In the present world, the main challenge of global warming is the emission of burning fuel to the atmosphere. Ozone layer depletion also can also be affected by these gases.
  2. Microlino is full eco-friendly with a zero-emission rate which is a fully Electric Bubble Car.
  3. Energy wastage is another problem in the world that we are running out of energy sources. So to prevent that we need to go for highly efficient machines and vehicles. Microlino comes with 65% lower energy consumption while in production as well as in driving that is a major advantage.
  4. A great solution for traffic problems with a small structure more like a motorbike.
  5. Simple retro design model gives an elegant look as well as a perfect vehicle to manage your daily activities.


What is the maximum speed of Microlino 2.0

Max speed of 90 km/h with 200 km ride capacity

How to find a Microlino for sale USA

Microlino’s main stores currently located in Europe and you can reserve one visiting this Link: Reserve your Microlino now

Microlino price in India

In India the price range is around Rs. 11 lacks.

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