How to Extend Pool Season This Year

Despite having a luxurious pool in your backyard, plummeting temperatures and changing seasons might stop you from using it regularly.

Despite having a luxurious pool in your backyard, plummeting temperatures and changing seasons might stop you from using it regularly.

If you love to swim, splash, and hang out with friends in the water, there are many steps you can take to enjoy your outdoor pool for longer. 

Rather than dreaming of fun pool days, aim to make them a reality. Read the following advice on how to extend pool season this year.

Invest in Solar Pool Heating

Many homeowners need to wait for temperatures to rise to enjoy a swim in their outdoor pool, which can feel frustrating. 

Instead of being restricted to using it for a small amount of time each year, invest in solar pool heating to warm up the water and enjoy it on a chilly day from April to October.

It is wise to avoid electricity to heat your pool, as it will cause your energy bills to skyrocket while destroying the planet. 

As solar panels generate power from sunlight, you can keep your pool warm and toasty without damaging your finances or the environment.

Install LED Lighting

Rather than heading inside once the sun goes down, add LED lighting to illuminate your outdoor pool area during the evening.

Combined with solar pool heating, you can comfortably enjoy a late-night dip at your leisure, which is perfect if you regularly entertain once the sun goes down.

LED lights are an energy-efficient way to create a warm, inviting ambiance your loved ones and guests will love, and they will reduce your energy consumption and bills.

Add a Quality Pool Cover

A quality pool cover can provide many benefits, such as helping to maintain your pool’s temperature and supporting good maintenance.

For instance, it can take pressure off your heater by helping your pool remain at the correct temperature, ensuring the water feels comfortable as you slip in.

Also, it will stop twigs, leaves, and debris from blowing into your pool, reducing the time and energy you need to spend cleaning.

As a result, you will have more time to spend in your pool and less time fishing out waste and cleaning the water.

Introduce a Swimming Enclosure

A glass swimming enclosure can work in harmony with the above options. It will provide a handy shelter above the pool, protecting you and your loved ones from various elements during a swim each day and night.

It is a great way to block wind, rain, or snow to ensure you don’t feel a bitter chill as you swim or step out of your pool.

Plus, you can choose from various designs, heights, and coverage to complement your needs and interior design, such as partial or full enclosures.

In addition to protecting your pool from various elements, an enclosure will help it remain cleaner for longer, as it may prevent leaves and debris from blowing into the water.

Don’t run inside once the sun goes down or temperatures drop. Keep the above top tips in mind to create a flexible pool area you can enjoy throughout the year. 

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