5 Expert Tips For Finding Best Outdoor Dining Set

5 Expert Tips For Finding Best Outdoor Dining Set

There is something magical about dining alfresco, be it during the day in the sunlight or at night, with the ambiance of fairy lights and candles.  

The key to heightening this enjoyment? Investing in quality outdoor furniture.  

Outdoor furniture differs from indoor furniture. When researching the many options available, keep a few tips in mind. Learning what to look for and what to avoid will assist you in picking a product that stands the test of time.  

The result? You transform your exterior space into an extension of your home. 

Read on to discover more.  

Where to Start? 

When choosing outdoor dining sets, the best place to start? Analyze your personal needs. Asking questions such as ‘How many does the set need to sit?’ ‘Will the dining set be outside all year round?’ ‘Is style as important as function?’  

These simple questions will assist you in choosing a set that compliments the style of your outdoor area and your needs.  

To assist you in this journey, we’ve listed five top tips below:  

1. Consider Who Will Be Using the Furniture  

Size doesn’t always matter. In this case, it’s fundamental to consider. There is little use in purchasing a dining set designed for two if you intend to entertain family and friends regularly.  

Similarly, if you wish to use your dining set for large lunches and dinners, a coffee table set just won’t do. Many contemporary sets can be tweaked in terms of size and height. This gives you greater versatility, meaning the set is suited to small and large parties.  

2. Choose Quality Materials  

Unlike indoor furniture, exterior dining sets necessitate certain features. This includes being crafted from materials that can withstand cold temperatures, rain, and even harsh sunshine.  

Thankfully, there are various materials to choose from, including glass, rattan, metal, and wood. We’ve detailed more on these below: 

Glass: This isn’t the most common option. Yet it is used for certain tabletop designs. For best results, opt for toughened safety glass to ensure your furniture has staying power. A flimsy sheet of glass could easily topple over and smash.  

Rattan: This is a versatile choice. It comes in various styles, including several materials and weaves. If you live in an area that boasts extreme weather in the winter, choose PE rattan over natural wicker rattan. Why? PE rattan is synthetic Polyethylene. This is celebrated for its durability. This means it requires less maintenance and can withstand unpredictable weather. Natural wicker furniture will need to be brought indoors in some seasons.  

On the other hand, if you’re looking for lightweight furniture, flat weaves are a great choice. This easy-to-clean design is ideal for balconies and gardens that benefit from yearly sunshine.  

Metal: one of the most popular materials for outdoor furniture is metal. Both steel and aluminum are the prevalent choices for garden furniture. Aluminum is more on the contemporary side. Steel is used to craft traditional garden furniture. Both can be embellished with hot-hued cushions. 

Wood: This classic material is suited to traditional spaces. It is an ideal choice if you wish to add an injection of elegance or sophistication to outdoor decor. One point to note? Wood can necessitate more maintenance than other materials and will require oiling and sanding over time. Celebrated options for wooden garden furniture include teak, partially because of its appearance and partially because it boasts high levels of oil, which makes it weather-resistant. When left untreated, over time, teak will transform into a stylish gray, silver hue.  

3. Look For Handy Accessories  

Accessories such as ice buckets and fire pits are handy when choosing a dining set for the great outdoors. These added extras allow you to ensure drinks stay chilled when the sun is out and you stay warm when it drops.  

This means you can use your dining set all day long and all year round. They also add to the ambiance. 

4. Source the Right Style  

Just as you would when purchasing furniture for interior spaces, consider style when decorating your outdoor space. From choosing colors that complement existing decking and doors to injecting vibrancy into your garden with decorative throws and cushions, there are plenty of ways to bring your garden to life.  

If you live in a contemporary home, you may consider garden furniture boasting clean lines and metal materials. If you reside in a traditional abode, furniture crafted out of wood provides a cozy, comfy ambiance. 

5. Consider Dimensions and Weight  

Before buying furniture based solely on aesthetics, consider the size of the space you have to work with.  

This is when taking note of measurements is crucial. Furniture that is too big will swamp your space. Anything too small will get lost. For best results, avoid filling more than two-thirds of your space.  

Irrespective of whether a garden, patio, or balcony. This will prevent a cluttered look.  

Keep in mind the rule ‘less is more’. When your space is de-cluttered, it is easier to obtain a sharper focus.  

The Bottom Line 

You should pay as much attention to the style of your outdoor space as you do to your interior space. Garden furniture is an asset to your home and can transform an otherwise minimal space into a homely, stylish affair. An area that can be enjoyed year-round.  

Provided you follow a few tips and tricks, sourcing outdoor dining sets that suit your style and needs is an easy task.