10 Factors To Consider Before Installing A Garbage Disposal Unit At Your Home

10 Factors To Consider Before Installing A Garbage Disposal Unit At Your Home

A garbage disposal unit is a resourceful thing for both housewives and family members. When it comes to its utmost benefits getting rid of unpleasant smells, being a fine way to dispose of kitchen waste, reduced pipe leaks, saving money, environment-friendly approach, and saving your precious time are a few of them. You need to consider some special factors when looking for a garbage disposal unit.

Because only after considering such factors, you will be able to get the full use of it. For example, if your area is not allowed to use a garbage disposal unit for domestic use, you will probably be fined for those things. Here are 10 guiding factors you need to consider when installing a garbage disposal unit at your home.

Power Of The Garbage Disposal Unit

As the very first thing to consider, Horsepower acts a major role in the garbage disposal install process. The more family members you have in the family the more power you will need to shred the waste parts in the sink. It is recommended to use a 1HP Garbage Disposal Unit for the minimum family members. It is not crucial only for saving money but for long-lasting use too. For example, if you keep pushing things continuously without a proper motor in the unit, the ultimate results will be leaks or broken units.

Special Tip: You need to note that the Garbage Disposal Units with more power operate quietly. The less the horsepower the more the noise production and jamming happen.

Having A Dishwasher Requires Another Link

Most of the housewives forget their dishwashers in garbage disposal install steps. Because the dishwasher adds parts to the sewer system, you should attach the dishwasher to your Garbage disposal unit. Even if you don’t have a dishwasher at home, you will get credit from future family members for leaving a link for future purposes. Although you don’t need one now, there will be more members in the future to use a dishwasher. You may ask for special garbage disposal install units with attachments for the Garbage Disposal Unit from the stores.

Type Of Garbage Disposing

If you are a family member of a usual family, it will probably have to be a Continuous Garbage System. Two systems can be installed as garbage disposal installs. The first one is the most used one known as Continuous Garbage Disposal. Another one involves disposing of garbage in batches known as batch garbage Disposing. Even if you belong to the mostly used Garbage Disposing Unit, you should ask the team if it suits your home. Because they will make the final call.

Attached Accessories

A garbage disposal unit has got a specific set of features or accessories. When it comes to garbage disposal installation, you will need to add or remove extra features for better use.

Sink Top switch – It is such a switch you can add to the Garbage Disposal Unit as your wish. It will prevent you to use a wall fixed switch and relieve you from extra effort as well.

Power Cord – It will not be necessary if garbage disposal install happens in the kitchen itself. But, there can be other moments when you have to add this away from a fixed place. 

As it is vital to provide the power to the motor according to the specified level, you will have to use a power code.

Silent Garbage Disposing – A garbage disposal unit is not always noisy. But, according to its service amount and the nature of the materials, it can become noisy. As a housewife, you will never be interested in working in a noisy environment. Although fixing a high-powered motor into the Garbage Disposal Unit is a solution you may consider other options such as finding a quiet garbage disposing unit.

Auto Reverse Feature – The more you features, the more you will get relieved from working on extra efforts. The auto-reverse feature allows the garbage disposal unit to reverse the stuck material in the unit. This function will prevent extra losses or replacement as well.

Quick Mounting – If you are going for the garbage disposal installation at the kitchen, you will find quick mounting is a great thi9ng to buy. The quick locking enabled unit will be easily fixed near the sink.

Baffle – The shredding part is not as quiet as it seems. It may cause you to throw back the things back to you because of its heavy functionality. When it comes to the safety of both you and your kitchen, you can use a Baffle to prevent such throwbacks.

Shredding Stages – Although this feature is technically meaningless for low powered-motor fixed garbage disposal units, you will find it worthy for high powered garbage disposal units. For example, if you have a motor with 2HP or higher, you will be able to prevent extra energy consumption by adding levels or stage adjustments for the Garbage Disposal Unit.

Kids And Safety

One of your away moments from the kids is enough to do the damage. If you are looking for a Garbage Disposal System, you will have to think of the kids on second thoughts. 

There are two types of risks, one involves electric shocks and the other is regarding Laceration injuries. As a system always deals with water-soaked substances, there is a bit of probability to get an electric shock with the electric exposures. But, when it comes to Laceration injuries, due to defect, there is a high probability to get severe injuries. You may follow several precautions for these matters such as increasing the number of steps to complete the process, fixing the sink in a place where the kids can’t reach, and setting the sink top switch in a screen place are a few of them.

Brand And The Materials

As a frequently used item in the kitchen, Garbage disposal Units have become an essential item for the kitchen positive feedbacks has already met the customers such as reduced price, availability of parts, and becoming common in the market. there are few negative impacts too. For example, there are imitated brands as well as products with low materials. You will find different costs for stainless steel and galvanized steel that you have to pay. But, it is important to remember that having a garbage disposal unit with stainless steel parts will get you a product that lasts more than 15 years.

 Although your garbage disposal unit doesn’t have to be one of InSinkErator Compact Badger, MOEN GX Pro Series, InSinkErator Badger, or Waste king, you may find someone similar to them with quality parts. Motor, flange, and mechanical parts should get the warranty along. If you find a proper garbage disposal unit with proper materials, it will be at your service for a minimum of 10 years.

Garbage Disposal Installation

You will find a proper garbage disposal unit in a price range from $80 to $200. Also, it depends on several factors mainly on if you are going to hire a plumber. Although you find a good product with a warranty for a lower price, you will have to pay extra amounts for a plumber. What you need to know about garbage disposal install steps is that it doesn’t involve any of the plumbing knowledge if you are aware of the basics.

Although it takes more than an hour, you might have noticed that what a plumber does hardly is getting into the tiny space. If you have got an open space or a spacious room below the sink, garbage disposal installation will not be a hard thing at all. It will be able to save half of the total expenditure for sure. If you intend to follow the Garbage disposal Install steps yourself, you will need a Flat-headed screwdriver, Philips-head screwdriver, Needle-nose pliers, Hammer, Plumber’s putty, putty knife, and a flashlight for a successful installation.

Legal Clearance

Although most of the governments haven’t banned these units away from the kitchen, some governments have restricted business uses. For example, Scotland and Ireland’s authorities have brought some restrictions for the mass uses. If a garbage disposal unit is fixed, the citizens will have to apply for permission. When it comes to other nations, they are free from restrictions.

Things To Put In The Garbage Disposal Unit

There are special things that you can put in the garbage disposal unit. Fruit Scraps, vegetable pieces, garlic pieces, Citrus Rinds, cooked meat, rice, and almost all the organic spices are the things that you can dump through the Garbage disposal unit. When it comes to other options, you can link even the dishwasher for proper usage. 

But, if you intend to put any other things such as Cooking Grease, oils, butter, or leftover oils through the garbage disposal unit, the system will not be a proper one. You need to have a count of the things you expect to shred. If the majority falls on the second category that has been mentioned, you will have to look for another option as well.

However, you need to remember that it is still harmful although the oily substances may appear extremely water. With time, they become cloggy.

Not Such A DIY Product

Indeed you can be a home developer in several departments. But, when it comes to the garbage disposal unit, there are very few in the state or the country who are capable of having a DIY Garbage disposal Unit. Though you could develop a project, it has to last at least 10 years without any repair.

Also, a garbage disposal unit’s intentions state the safety of the plumbing system of your entire home. If it doesn’t function properly, you will have to pay for the whole system. Therefore any DIY development projects are thoroughly discouraged for the sake of wasting money.

10 Factors To Consider Before Installing A Garbage Disposal Unit At Your Home


At the end of this discussion, you must have built a feeling that buying is not the hardest part but the comparison you have to make among the mentioned factors. Although you manage to pay even $200 for a Garbage Disposal Unit, that amount doesn’t have to be a frequent flowing one.

 The power of the motor that you wish to use for the Garbage disposal Installation, nature of your disposing items, fixing, garbage disposal brand, and attached accessories like factors need to be roaming in your head when going for the purchasing part.

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