Do Sunglasses block Blue Light? #1 Secret about Sunglasses You Never Knew

Do Sunglasses block Blue Light? ( Eye protection trends 2020 )

Do Sunglasses block Blue Light? ( Eye protection trends 2020 )

What is blue light?

Visible light consists of a spectrum of colours and there is a blue colour. A major natural scenario that we can see this spectrum is that the Rainbow.

Visible spectrum :

Violet, blue, cyan, green, yellow, orange, red

Violet and blue lights are the colours which are in higher frequency and energy level ( 400 – 500 nm band )

Why blue light is bad for health?

With the higher frequency level and energy, Blue light mainly consists of blue and violet not much good for the health of the eyes.

  • Exposure and dealing with a blue light at night may negatively affect your sleeping.
  • Blue light can harm and effect for the cells in the retina. Age-related blurry vision or loss of vision due to the exposure may occur. (Macular degeneration)

People mainly exposed to the blue light through Mobile phones, computers, television and lights. Mainly through LED technology.

Do Blue Light from mobile phones harm for eyes?

According to Harvard Health Publishing, Electronic devices like mobile phones are not harmful and can be negligible, But it may disrupt your sleep and keep you awake which may affect your health routine.

But High-intensity blue light sources are harmful to the eyes. Looking directly on high-intensity LEDs is harmful but there not a big issue with mobile phones and digital devices.

Do sunglasses block blue light?

Before think about the blue light filtering glasses , we tends to think whether do Sunglasses block Blue Light? No, they cannot filter the blue light. Sunglasses are mainly designed to reduce the glare and brightness and to protect the eyes from UV radiation. So It basically filters the UV rays but not the rays that are in the blue range. So it’s better to have blue light filtering glasses if you are concerned about the damage of blue light to the eyes.

Do polarized sunglasses block blue light?

Yes. polarized sunglasses can filter the blue light to an optimal level. polarized sunglasses are made applying a chemical that those molecules lined up in order to pass only the specific vertical light frames through the lens blocking horizontal reflected light rays. UV and Blue light filters through it.

Blue light blocking glasses

In the modern world, people spend most of their lifetime in front of a digital screen.that’s become the trend in this globalized world. So with that eyes are the main thing that dealing with these digital screens and it’s obvious to concern about the health of the eyes due to the long exposure to the light from these digital devices. So people tend to build glasses that can block blue light from the spectrum of light.

What are blue light blocking glasses and how blue light blocking glasses work?

Blue light blocking glasses have filters specially modified lenses that filter the blue light or absorb blue light from the spectrum of light and some glasses coming with UV ( Ultra Violet ) protection too. This can be a shield to your eyes when dealing a long time with digital devices. They are the main benefits of blue light blocking glasses.

Though the effects from digital devices are negligible, It’s always better to have a blue light blocking glass if you are interacting with digital devices for a long time of the day. As it won’t interrupt your sleeping routine either.

Why blue light blocking glasses ? Is it necessary to wear?

Well, it depends on you. If you are a person who works all day in front of a computer or a screen, and you are really tired and uneasy looking at the screen. Then these glasses will give some rest to the eyes. Some people experiencing comfort on sight with these glasses.

And if you are a person with issues in sleeping cycle, if you are experiencing uncomfortable for sleeping after working with digital screens, then you must have to try these glasses.

If you are really caring about your health and concerning more about the health of your eyes, you better try these glasses too. It always acts as a shield.

How to protect eyes from blue light ?

  • Always give a rest to the eyes.
  • change your sight to different distances. focusing on the same thing for a long time will stress your eyes.
  • Have a blue light blocking glass if the sight is more uncomfortable, it will give a mild and a relax sight. Try these Blue light blocking glasses amazon , walmart , ebay
  • Try a screen filter that filters the excess glare and brightness.
  • Always control the brightness of the screen to a minimal level.
  • Try the night mode vision theme which most of the new devices are compatible with.
  • Try to work more with black version themes in mobile devices as it emits low light.


  1. Do sunglasses block blue light? No
  2. Do colored and black tinted glasses block blue light? No
  3. Do polarized sunglasses block blue light? Yes
  4. Do blue light blocking glasses work? Yes

As a conclusion, blue light causes damages to our eyes and it’s better using a blue light-filtering glass to prevent our eyes. when we analyse the fact that do sunglasses block blue light, it’s clear that they are not capable of filtering blue light. Contact Us if you want to clarify more or to find out more about the best blue light blocking glasses in the market.