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Mobile App Benefits: Top 10 Must have Android Apps 2021

What is the best app to have on your phone?

Based on a high-level consideration of Google play store & App store data. And the fact that how much this app impacts the living of a person, What is the best app to have on your phone? Google maps > 5B+ Downloads | 4.1 STARS (12.5 M Reviews)

Evolution of Mobile Apps & How Mobile App Benefits Your Life ?

When we compare the life of a person a few decades ago and the life of someone in the present world, what can we see? Clearly, the lifestyle has changed and it becomes easy. Technology played a major role in this revolution and it completely changes the lifestyle of people.

When talking about the mobile phone industry, that’s a major development factor towards the lifestyle of people. In the present, it became the most usable device of a person. That’s where mobile app development and mobile applications come into play.

From a teenager to an old person, from a labourer to an entrepreneur, everyone makes use of the mobile app benefits, to their own lives. That’s what mobile app plays a major role in everyone’s life.

These listings and comparisons are mainly focused on the key features that these apps are performing towards the easiness of our day to day life.

Top 10 Benefits of mobile apps for users in 2021

  • High efficiency in working and completing tasks
  • Faster communication abilities within seconds
  • The main source that provides knowledge in any field
  • Problem-solving capabilities are high
  • Time-saving and faster in working compared to old working routines
  • Can acquire high-level planning and management skills
  • Instant access to offline and online resources
  • Instant updates and notifications
  • Improves productivity and creativity
  • Can acquire rich sources of entertainment

Top 10 Popular Phone Apps with maximum Benefits for your day to day life

Top 10 Mobile Apps with Benefits for Life
Top 10 most popular phone apps with maximum Benefits for your day to day life

#1 Google maps

5B+ Downloads

4.1 stars
(12.5 M reviews)

What is the best app in your mobile?

“Google maps” is among the most popular phone apps ever created on earth. Google Maps is a web mapping service developed by Google with many mobile app benefits and more services. User-friendly mobile app design and The application is available in 70+ languages and accurate maps covering about 200 countries.

Google maps is a highly recommend application and the most useful application on your mobile phone.

Main Google map services
  • Discover new places
  • Find restaurants, business and other nearby places
  • Find the fastest route without traffic between two places
  • Public transport schedule
  • Directions with each step to a new place
  • Find a perfect business place or restaurant with customer reviews
  • Finding a phone number, address or a website of a specific place

#2 YouTube

5B+ Downloads

4.2 stars
(75m reviews)

YouTube is the Largest video stock in the world and its at the top of the most popular phone apps in the World. Numerous stuff you can learn from YouTube with video tutorials and also whenever you face day to day problems, you’ll be able to come up with live solutions on YouTube videos. Except that within the entertainment field furthermore as in the knowledge field, in the education sector, in the business field YouTube playing a serious role.

Main youtube services
  • See what’s happening in the world. Trending videos and news
  • Most popular music, games, movies and much more entertaining videos
  • Recommended videos and videos from your subscriptions from your favourite channels
  • Upload videos and create playlists
  • Likes comments and shares keep you connected with your favourite people

#3 Microsoft office

100M+ Downloads

4.4 stars
(74k reviews)

Microsoft office package consists of Word, Excel and Powerpoint applications which are popular mobile apps essential for the document, spreadsheet and presentation work. Mostly these workings are done by a computer, but when we consider Microsoft office mobile app benefits, with these mobile applications, things become much simpler and easier.

Main Microsoft Office services
  • Document writing, spreadsheets and presentations
  • Templates which make the task easier
  • Transform a picture to a document or a spreadsheet
  • Instant pdf making
  • Scan QR codes

#4 Adobe collection

Adobe Reader

500M+ Downloads

4.6 stars
(3m reviews)

Starting with Adobe Acrobat Reader, the world-famous pdf file reader, Adobe is playing a major role in the graphic designing sector of the world. All the adobe applications are essential for graphic designers and with adobe mobile applications, their tasks become much easier.

Main Adobe Applications that are essential
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Photoshop Sketch
  • Adobe Photoshop Express
  • Adobe Illustrator Draw
  • Adobe Premiere Rush

#5 Uber

500M+ Downloads

4.0 stars

Are you in a hurry and need a taxi? Don’t worry Uber is coming for you. It’s one of the most widely spread transport services in the world. With uber service, life has become much easier rather than waiting hours on the roads for public transport service. Uber service became more popular among people resulting it place among the top 10 must have android apps on your phone.

Main services by Uber
  • Open the app and enter where you want to go, a nearby driver will come to take you
  • Price estimate before booking the ride
  • Safety features for a respectful service
  • Emergency services
  • Availability in more than 600 airports in 700+ cities around the world.

#6 Google drive

5B+ Downloads

4.3 stars
(5m reviews)

If you ever face the situation of losing ur files on the mobile phone due to breaking the phone or lost it. If you are using Google Drive you don’t have to worry. Everything will back up to the drive and it secures all ur files, which is among the best mobile app benefits to a person’s life in order to secure valuable documents throughout his lifetime. Google drive is among the top free iPad apps today. Though its a google app, Apple users also can take the benefit of it in securing valuable files.

Main services by Google drive
  • Storing your files on the drive and you can access the files from anywhere.
  • Can easily share files with others
  • Can set access level who can view, comment or edit your files
  • View the files offline

#7 Waze

100M+ Downloads

4.3 stars
(7m reviews)

Don’t know what’s happening on the road? Don’t worry! Waze tells you about traffic, accidents, police and more. So you can easily change the route. This mobile app benefits you in saving your time and protecting you from hell a lot of trouble on the road. This is an essential app you must have on your mobile phone.

Main services by Waze
  • Alerts about traffic and accidents and also disasters
  • Speedometer
  • Information about the amount of time for the journey
  • Play music right from the app
  • Guide while you driving

#8 Google translate

500M+ Downloads

4.5 stars
(7m reviews)

If you ever face uncomfortable with an unknown language, don’t worry google translate will right there for you. Even when you are dealing with foreign stuff or you are on a foreign tour, this mobile app benefits you like a tourist guide who will explain the unknown language to you. This app will surely be your life saviour in a foreign country.

Key services of Google Translate
  • Text translations between 103 languages
  • Tap to translate feature
  • Translate even if are offline
  • Translate texts in images
  • Handwriting identification

#9 True caller

500M+ Downloads

4.5 stars
(13m reviews)

One of the best and most unique apps for android as it can detect caller ID and spam blocking of calls and messages. It makes your communication safe and efficient. Prevents you from unwanted calls and spam. Truecaller is surely among the top 10 must have android apps on your phone.

Main services by True caller
  • Identification of unknown numbers who are calling you
  • Call recording feature
  • Backup call history, contacts and messages to Google Drive
  • Blocking and spam detection
  • Smart messaging

#10 Camscanner

100M+ Downloads

4.2 stars
(2m reviews)

Image Scanning app that you can easily make a high-quality pdf scan right from your mobile phone. Especially school students and university students are getting great use of a Camscanner.

Main services of Camscanner
  • Smart cropping the photo
  • Auto enhancement feature to give a sharp look
  • Creating a pdf and share it
  • Advanced editing of your documents

Top 10 Benefits of Mobile Apps for Business in 2021

  • High efficiency in working at the office and the high rate of completing tasks
  • Faster communication abilities within seconds among the clients
  • Customer engagement is higher
  • Can perform high-level marketing strategies
  • Exposure of the business is getting higher with high engagement
  • Problem-solving and helps in decision making
  • Time-saving influence and faster in working compared to old working routines
  • Can acquire high-level planning and management skills
  • Instant updates and notifications about the tasks
  • Improves working productivity and creativity on given tasks

Importance of mobile apps in the modern business environment in 2021

  • In the modern situation where the Covid-19 virus spread on physical contacts and by air, Mobile app-based business strategies became more popular among people.
  • Online business facility widened the engagement with the customers more than the ordinary business
  • Online payment facilities secure the money transactions
  • High engagement of buyers for online shopping rather than ordinary physical business strategies.
  • User-friendliness of the customers are at a high level which results in more engagement
  • High efficiency in providing the service or the business to the customers

In the modern situation where the Covid-19 virus spread on physical contacts and by air, Online Education plays a major role in the education sector.

Top 10 benefits of mobile apps in education 2021

  • Online education widens the knowledge limits that a child can acquire from a school or a high school
  • Improves classroom performance and analytical skills
  • Helps in time management and efficiency of work
  • Fast communication ability in group projects and tasks
  • Facilities to make documents and reports easily
  • Communication and interaction with the teachers and supervisors
  • Engagement and interaction with friends when studying
  • Can acquire online resources when solving problems
  • New learning tips and tactics for efficient learning strategies
  • Remote learning facilities for children in rural areas

Top 10 benefits of mobile apps in healthcare sector 2021

  • Faster in making decisions when dealing with patients life
  • Efficiency in communication may result in saving a patient’s life
  • Role of telemedicine apps and health wellness apps
  • Able to access the old records of patients in seconds
  • Can acquire knowledge about brand-new updated health facts
  • Custom mobile applications developed in order to increase productivity
  • Online channelling services and online medical advising campaigns
  • Remote patient monitoring facility
  • Faster and accurate access to doctors and healthcare providers by patients
  • Efficiency in delivering medicines and reduction of healthcare costs

Current situation in mobile app industry

In the present society, the use of mobile applications is widely spreading with a variety of mobile app ideas and the main purpose of mobile apps tends to entertainment purposes. People forget about the mobile app benefits that they can gain to spend their lives in an efficient way.

Some mobile applications like social media apps became highly popular and people addicted to them and they waste so much time in it. In such a situation mobile applications can also be harmful.

In the recent past, some countries tend to ban some mobile applications in their entire nation. like India banned TikTok and few main Chinese apps in their country. This may due to some political disputes as well as the addictiveness of the Indian youth to this application resulted for this. In such a way there’s plenty of mobile app benefits as well as a negative side in it.

Please note that all the reviews, comparisons, listings and mobile app benefits are made according to the Google playstore data ( Application key features/downloads, ratings & reviews )

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Mobile App Benefits: Top 10 Must have Android Apps 2021



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